sustainable furniture

Sustainable furniture is made from materials that have certain characteristics. These materials may be recycled or re-purposed.

The meaning of the term which is called ‘sustainability’ means not being harmful to the environment and can be used for a long time period. When we look for other definitions, it is told as ‘economic, meeting the environmental and social needs without giving harm to next generations’ life conditions. (Wikipedia, ecodesign)Eco-design is decreasing the environmental effects during the life cycle, material design, and better material design. Tuna Özçuhadar has described the ecological design in his research report in this way: eco-design or design for the environment adds its product and service designs systematically to the life cycle approach, eco-design is a design action that connects the new suggestions that can be accepted socially and culturally and they should be technically possible for environmental needs.

No matter how it is thought as a new perspective, designers before have considered environment-friendly material design. Therefore, in terms of environment friendly; making the features better and using the sources economical had a great impact. The designs that are created by original works or unusual ways have supported our environment positively so; using recyclable materials will give us more positive results. In environment-friendly designs, the aim is obvious. Using less energy, less material and less harmful to the environment information source-ECO-FRIENDLY APPROACH IN FURNITURE DESIGN