The idea has been around since the first skyscrapers were built in the late 1880 but have only just now been gaining traction in the building community. When a tall building is constructed floor plate after floor plate is constructed one on top of another at this creates isolation for the occupants of each floor. Employees of Sears back in the 1970s quickly realized this problem when they were unable to see colleagues they used to work with on regular basis. Modern buildings have only started to investigate mixing programs with a single tower, But the problem with isolation needs into drastic approach one wear floors are broken and easily reached from one another. With this approach, more creativity with sauce can be explored and hopefully spack new ideas to improve upon with lady been started.

Skyscrapers are a thing of beauty. Striking monuments of ingenuity and complexity. For the past century, our world has been building these huge monuments to house our businesses, ourselves, and even our cars, but compared to many other building types, skyscrapers are relatively unexplored structures. We've been building up toward the sky as far back as recorded history, but only within the past 100 years have we been able to build so tall with such little mass to really make your endeavors worthwhile and occupiable. This was an amazing feat, and we took it in stride and have built many tall buildings all over the globe.

But many of these tall buildings have all had problem, they became isolated storage bins high in the sky with single uses and little diversity, Designers have caught on to this issue and exploration into how to create a the more interactive community-type skyscraper has finally come into the spotlight. This RESEARCH looks to explore an idea of vertical. community with a mixed-use program that dense and diverse and horizontal city. we are soapstone to experiencing Skyscraper development poses an interesting yet difficult task to any designer. It came about just before the turn of the 20th century when elevator and structural improvements allow more floors and weight to be supported, allowing for taller buildings. With taller buildings, more occupants can use the buildings adding a more efficient use of space, especially in dense urban areas But as a building rises, more problems appear structural supports, elevator layout, and space use Since the skyscrapers were built the idea of mixed-use has been a topic of discussion Skyscrapers Space to the ground were typically retail purpose because of the cost and three floors above could be used for other uses as offices restaurants theaters, hotels, and apartments.